An App a Day

February 26
Gabriel Chua

Social Media, the pinnacle of communication in the 21st century thus far I would say. It’s used almost every hour of every day. And at the rate things are going, will Short Message Systems (SMS) messages soon be a thing of the past? But let’s not get into that. Really though, Social Media has so many uses in the modern world and many, if not all companies, are jumping on board. Evidently, there is of some benefit to these companies, but what exactly are they?

It’s almost certain isn’t it? Companies are using Social Media because it gives them an opportunity to market a certain something, be it their products and/or services.

According to Kaplan, Social Media Application (Apps) can be subdivided into 4 categories.

Again, this is all well and good. But is what’s the relevance of it all? Beats me. Because what is essential is that Social Media marketing via apps happens regardless of whether companies are in control of a particular marketing stunt.

Case in point. Amy’s Baking Company. A restaurant that was absolutely horrible, and I mean, horrible, to the core. The restaurant had many complaints but when a particular customer complained about bugs in his drink, he and his guests were kicked out. Additionally, they actually hurled insults towards Yelpers who were trying to inform them of what they were doing wrong! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the picture below.

Like seriously, who does that? But that’s exactly my point. Yes you could have your own Social Media account and whatever category you would like to label yourself, please go on ahead. But don’t forget, others have theirs too and they play a really, really big part in how your business is marketed. It is no wonder that after the realisation that the business couldn’t be saved, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay even walked out from his attempts to save the business. In the end, Amy’s Baking Company ultimately shot themselves in the foot by not listening to the complaints made by visitors to their restaurant on Social Media, so much so that they eventually closed for good.
Amy’s Baking Company clearly did not listen to their customers who were already marketing the restaurant in a bad light and were forced to suffer the consequences. So that’s the story of Amy’s Baking Company, a restaurant that ultimately failed as result of their inability to recognise that others could market their own business much better than they ever could.

So what do you guys think? Do the categories of Social Media Apps really matter? Or is the realisation that other users of Social Media apps could market yourself on a much higher scale, more important? Either way, just with the use of an App a Day, in my utmost opinion, will help businesses as they enter the fray.

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16 thoughts on “An App a Day

  1. Really love watching Kitchen Nightmares in the past and I definitely remember the episode on Amy’s Bakery as it was one of the more impacting episodes that I have watched. Really agree on the part where you mentioned that everyone that owns a social media account does play a big role in how your business is marketed. By shutting off everyone else’s comments and advice that could potentially turn the business around, they unfortunately met their demise and I really felt frustrated seeing their attitude towards the situation. I feel that the different categories of social media apps is also really dependent on the type of marketing campaign that businesses are focusing on. Overall a great post ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Yeah. It’s sometimes a wonder how far Social Media has come. Like, the account may not even be yours and you could stand to lose if you don’t pay attention to what’s going on. People have to start realising that if they want to be competitive in current times where almost everyone, I feel, has something up their sleeves.

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  2. Absolutely agree with you! This episode in Hellโ€™s Kitchen is by far one of those frustrating moment ever. I mean most of the of the business are on the verge of shutting down, and yet these business owners sometimes are on denial, refusing to any mistakes which Gordon Ramsay pointed out. Ultimately, it is their own reluctance to accept criticism that lead to the failure of businesses. This shows how important it is to garner feedback from consumers. Hopefully there wont be cases of businesses abusing social media and implementing social media marketing just for the sake of doing so. Good Read! Hope to see more of such content. Cheers


    1. I feel the same. Ultimately, you may not realise that replying to any form of Social Media comments, replies etc……is also marketing your business indirectly. What’s more, people who comment on your posts and whatnot are also marketing your business, for good, or bad, whether you like it or not. It’s something that people have to grasp so as to be proactive rather than reactive


  3. I agree that it is important to listen to feedbacks of customers on social media as ultimately, they may be the ones marketing your business and you dont want them to be marketed by others in a bad light.
    Good read.


  4. IMO, the categories of the apps is not as critical as businesses can make use of various platforms to market themselves. What is important is probably how the business position themselves and uphold their reputation because everyone can have access to social media and can publicise views that affects the business directly.


  5. In my opinion, I do agree that the categories of apps have little impact as compared to the use of the apps by the businesses themselves- what an apt, iconic example you’d cited with Amy’s Bakery- certainly remember how bizarre that episode went!


    1. Yeah, thats right. It’s amazing how people can still react in the manner that they do when they its clear that their use of apps are inappropriate. Its especially more so when an expert in their industry is telling them what they’re doing is wrong!


  6. Aaah!!!! Kitchen Nightmares is my guilty pleasure!!! Your blog posts are always so relevant!! That’s right, classic example to highlight how important it is to constantly review customer feedback on social media accounts, and to make use of these channels to further grow and improve the business!


    1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I try to make them as relatable as possible! That’s right. Improper management of social media accounts, be it yours or your consumers, can market your business in a very bad light and thats exactly what happened to Amy’s Baking Company!


  7. What Amy’s Baking Company did was absolutely nuts! Jeez man, have they gone bonkers or what? I’ll be sure to take note of what people are saying about my brand if I ever have my own company in the future!


  8. The owner of Amy’s Baking Company is extremely rude! I’m not surprised by the type of service and food they provide with what they portray on their social media page. I definitely would not visit. Would never trust people like that to be serving me food, would not know what I would be eating either. I feel that categories in social media apps isn’t really important because ultimately it depends on the business and their audience.


    1. That’s what I feel as well. Categories and labels are fine and all but they won’t exactly serve a purpose if owners aren’t even paying attention to their surroundings. Ultimately, I feel that if you are able to know yourself and your business well enough, categories of Social Media Apps won’t really apply due to the very fact that you now have the capability to compete in an environment that’s constantly changing.

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