Stop Whining, Start Marketing

April 2nd
Gabriel Chua

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Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing. I’m sure you guys have heard what it’s about, so I won’t get into its details. But what I will do is instead pose you this question. “Is Social Media Marketing, and by extension, Digital Marketing, the way for marketers in the future?” At the surface, the answer seems like a resounding yes. We’ve heard it time and time again. “Traditional advertising is dead!” “Out with Traditional, in with Social Media!” “The days of Print Ad are gone!” Okay, fine. Perhaps they weren’t phrased exactly as so, but I’m sure you that sentiments along these lines already exist. But if anyone were to ask me the question, I’d say, “No! Not for a very long while.”

Alright. I can already hear some of you in my head. Saying things like,”You’re crazy. Social Media is the new marketing norm!” “The Digital age has already taken over! Television, print-ads and whatnot have already been almost forgotten!” Well, before you make comments such as these, let me tell you why I’m against the current perceived norm.

Do take look at the video that I’ve posted above. It is quite scary, don’t you think? In the video above, Ritson proposes that Traditional forms of marketing and information dissemination come out champs when competing against its Social Media and Digital counterparts. And I agree! Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not ignoring the benefits of Social Media and Digitalisation. Instant communication, real-time updates.So on and so forth. It’s just that the metrics for calculating audience reach has been manipulated such that it favours the current norm, when in actual fact Traditional Modes of Advertising and information dissemination still pack a punch, and a large one at that! Furthermore, according to the Nielsen company, it is still apparent that TV still trounces over Digital advertising!

So why the big brouhaha? I can imagine one reason.

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs proposes that individuals have a common set of needs that will help them realise their fullest potential. If you were to take a look at the pyramid above, one of the tiers of the hierarchy includes, “Love & Belonging”. Whoever started the “Social Media and Digitalisation are the future!” ball rolling has clearly exaggerated its potential. In fear of being left out and not being able to become the best version of themselves, more and more individuals are jumping onto that particular bandwagon thus helping them to hit the “Love & Belonging” tier of the hierarchy, giving them the platform they need to better themselves, when in fact, the whole “Social Media and Digital is better than Traditional” sentiments may not even be remotely true! Thus, Maslow’s Hierarchy is the reason , or at the very least, what I believe the reason is, for more and more people people taking the side that Social Media and Digitalisation trumps Traditional in this modern day and age.

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So, “now what?”, you may ask. I’ll tell you. Social Media and Digitalisation will continue to grow. But that doesn’t mean it should totally replace what is considered traditional since whatever is considered traditional, be it radio, television, or print-ads, has its own set of distinct advantages. I believe that all of these can actually be incorporated into a single entity that will be of greater benefit for the future. Think about it like this. Imagine the different advocates of the original question I posted. Social Media may be one boat, digital the other, and lastly traditional. But in actual fact, they’re all part of one bigger boat. And that boat, is called MARKETING. And what’s more important is that they all want to reach treasure island, together. (This quote is adapted from the game, FFX-2. For the actual quote, please check out this link).

So that’s that! What do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! Until next time!

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8 thoughts on “Stop Whining, Start Marketing

  1. I agree with marketing being split into 3 segments, however with technology, don’t you think one day traditional ways will be replaced completely? For example people prefer digital ads as compared to flyers, for convenience but at the same time it saves trees and reduces global warming. People are also reducing the usage of TVs, maybe they still watch through the monitor but its not television programs that’s being played, its probably youtube or Netflix. I believe social media marketing will be the main source of ‘Marketing’ in the next couple of years. Good use of Maslow’s hierarchy on the ‘Love & Belonging’ section, it truly is important to allow users to feel this way !


    1. Hmmm, I can’t say I totally agree.

      In my honest opinion, even if television isn’t currently used in a similar fashion to how it was so in the past, it still doesn’t change the fact that is is still largely used, in one way or another. In that sense, TV advertising should continue to remain a focus of marketers and advertisers!

      About how traditional methods may completely be gone one day, I can’t really agree either. For instance, newspapers. Yes, environment conditions and whatnot may deem it necessary for print ad to be stopped, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to newspapers completely being replace because even now, we have e-copies of them! Yes, it may be done digitally, but at the very core, its remains a traditional form of advertising and information dissemination.

      At the end of the day, perhaps a hybrid is what’s the best for everyone. A combination of the old with the new, to birth something that might be the future of marketing!


  2. Hi Gabriel! Same thoughts as well. I do agree with you about the importance of the traditional form of media. While it does not generate as much reach as social media, it is still an important aspect of marketing and cannot be replaced that easily. It is true that social media brought in a new way of advertising, but the impact is still considered to be minimal especially where there is still a large percentage of the older generation who are still resisting the change. The traditional form of media is still the way of reaching out to these group to people.


    1. Hi there!

      I have to agree with you on that. Traditional modes of advertising and whatnot have proven themselves to still be able to compete amidst the current marketing climate where almost everything seems to take place online. Traditional forms of advertising still has its part to play and like you said, how the elderly generation still favours it over the current norm which makes it the go to choice! Also, I do believe that traditional forms of advertising still has its inherent advantages. I mean, I’d rather trust The Straits Times over some random news article that I see online with no established credentials!


  3. Really Insightful Read! Couldn’t agree more that traditional marketing is useful till this day and age even with the uprising of digital marketing! Have to disagree with those who feel that digital marketing will take over traditional marketing completely as traditional marketing still has its strengths and its strong playing field. It really comes down to how you implement your marketing activities, some parts will be effective with traditional while others are effective with digital. Not forgetting the older generation that may not appeal to the digital era. All in all, I feel that a combination of the both is still possible for marketing in general and there is no need to be on the extreme ends of the boat 🙂 Great application on Maslow’s Hierarchy by the way!


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the read!

      Hmmm, I do have to agree with you in certain ways! It is perhaps true, that no matter which boat you’re sailing on, be it traditional, digital or social, to each its own boons and banes. I guess at the end of the day, it really boils down to circumstance when it comes to which mode of advertising is the best in any given situation! And like you said, a hybrid of these modes may eventually pave the way for the future of marketing. Though I personally feel that only time will be able tell if such a strategy will ever be created where all the modes can co-exist by complementing and compensating for one another!


  4. I agree! Now that the digital world is advancing, more people are finding news online now. I don’t watch the news on television anymore 😦

    but i agree that traditional marketing will not die despite technology’s advancement!


    1. Yeah!

      I guess it really depends on which industry you’re in whether or not Traditional or more modern forms of marketing are best suited for you. Even if Social Media and Digital marketing were to overtake Traditional forms, I don’t think it’ll take place so soon!

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