No one right way! How to carry your pet canine correctly!

Gabriel Chua
April 7th

Don’t be fooled! Just like humans, dogs come in many shapes and sizes. And because of that, there is no one right way to carry your furry friend! For instance, did you know that every 1 in 4 dachshunds, more commonly known as the sausage dog, will suffer from a spinal related injury in their lifetime? Due to their structure, the spines of dachshund tend to bend quite a bit and improper carrying techniques can put extra stress on the spine, thus increasing the odds that they will suffer from a spinal related injury. It is no wonder why carrying dogs the wrong way has been noted to cause back problems in dogs.

You certainly wouldn’t want your canine companion to end up like the dog in the picture above, am I right? So I already hear a few of you readers asking, “Is there a proper way then to carry my dog?” And the answer my friends, to that question, is that it really all depends! As I mentioned at the beginning, dogs come in many shapes and sizes and it really depends the individual body structure of your dog. Good news is, that dogs of the same breeds tend to be similar in terms of physique and as such, methods applied to one canine will most probably apply to another canine of the same breed. For tips, please visit this site to find out the proper way to lift up your furry little pal!

But wait! That’s not all there is to it. You should know that certain dogs don’t even liked to be picked up at all! There are many telltale signs that dogs don’t like being picked up. They include; sudden growling, refusal to budge from ‘sit’ position and many more! Trust me. In my time in the K9 unit during my NS, I’ve seen so many dogs having this issue. And they were big, and I mean, really big dogs, mind you. It’s one thing for a Chihuahua to suddenly snap at you, but can you imagine a fully-grown German Shepherd doing that? You’ll have nightmares for days. Apologies, I’ve digressed. But my point remains the same. If you find your dog suffering from such a problem, one good trick I’ve learned would be rewards your pet with treats when managing to successfully carry them! This will mentally condition the dog to associate treats with performing an act of some sort and long gone will be the days where your dog absolutely refuses to be picked up! Then again, this method is not foolproof and if you find that this technique doesn’t work for you, please check out this site or consult your local vet and/or dog behaviourist!

That’s it from me today! For more pet-care tips and advice, please do continue reading as I make updates and new posts to this series of blogs. Till the next time!

Signing off,

7 thoughts on “No one right way! How to carry your pet canine correctly!

  1. What an interesting read! I never knew all along that carrying dogs requires technique and I was shocked to know that some of them will suffer from spinal injury as a result of improper handling. This is certainly an important advice for me to note. Thanks Gabriel for sharing such an important piece of information.


    1. Yup! I was quite shocked myself when I learned about this. It really does make you more aware and attentive towards the various tell-tale signs that dog might exhibit! Glad I could be of help!


  2. I never knew that there was a specific way of carrying dogs, no wonder sometimes dogs shun me when I try to carry them. I learned a lot after reading this, keep this up! Would love to learn more about pets!


    1. Yeah! Before I learned about the proper techniques, I was wondering why more often than not dogs would shun me as well! Glad I could help and I hope to be able to post more content that will be of interest to you!


  3. This is significantly important, I wish i was taught this earlier at the pet care providers. I have been an owner for 9 years and I wish I was made aware of this sooner. Thanks for sharing


  4. Yeah. I really do hope that shops selling dogs would divulge such information when customers are looking for a canine companion.It can be somewhat irresponsible of shops if they don’t do so because it’ll help prevent potential trouble! Glad I could help!


  5. Wow! A really interesting read! I didn’t know that there were specific ways to carry different breeds of dogs, much less know that it may affect their spine! Maybe that’s why I see some of my friends having trouble to carry their dogs. Will definitely share this valuable information with them too! I myself do not own a dog but if I happen to own one, your post will definitely be of great help! 🙂 Would love to have a Pomeranian if I were to get one! They are just too adorable!! 🙂


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